Monday, 19 November 2007

Hey. Hi. Welcome!

This is my first attempt at a music blog. This is pretty new to me.. so please forgive any mistakes. I wanted to start this up as a way of sharing music as it's released, without having to wait until I can afford the crazy printing costs for my magazine, Shebang (by which time the bands will probably already be in every newspaper and magazine on the racks). As every music geek knows, there's nothing worse than catching onto a band too late (especially if they've already broken up by the time you realise what's going on!)

I live in Falmouth, Cornwall. This is a problem. There is pretty much no live music that doesn't involve some kind of sea shanty or reggae or a tribute band (yawn). So live reviews might be a little thin on the ground until July...

So please bookmark this, keep checking back & enjoy! As it's getting started, all comments and criticism is very much welcomed.. oh, and any musical recommendations you think deserve a feature!

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